About us|Shogado(Shikishi , Shuincho , Pochibukuro , etc)

Shogado was found in 1964.
We make shikishi, tanzaku, wahoncho, and other washi paper products for all over Japan.
We produce Japanese stationery by traditional methods and are spreading them to the world.
Famous washi paper such as Echizen and Kurotani are used as materials.
Each product is made from highly skilled craftsman in Kyoto.

Traditional craftsmanship and materials are essential for our company. We wish to take part in helping for a sustainable environment.

Shogado Co., Ltd.
Yasuhiro Matsuo

Company Outline

Company nameShogado Co., Ltd.
RepresentativeYasuhiro Matsuo
Address4-1. Montacho Uzumasa Ukyoku Kyoto-city 616-8117
BusinessShikishi・Tanzaku・Wahoncho・Japanese Washi Paper Products


1964Started business
1972Published catalogue “Kyo no Bi” vol. 1.
1995Published catalogue “Kyo no Bi” vol. 2.
1997Started company
2003〜2005Research and development with Yojiro Goto for 3 years as a member of Hyogenjuku.
Announced and exhibited new products at “in Touch(Shibuya)” for 3 years in a row between 2003 to 2005.
2004〜2005Made cards with Kenzo Takada’s new brand Gokankobo.
Exhibited cards of Kenzo Takada at 2005 Maison & Objet.
2006“Etomaru” received the Kyoto Design Award 2006.
2007“Wagara Notebook” was published in “Rakutabi-Bunko No. 004 Kyo no Kamiasobi”.
2007“Watojibon” and “Kakishibuzome Shuincho” were published in “Waraku(May edition)”.
2008〜2009Planned and produced “Kakocho” and “Kotobatato” for “Kyoto Style Cafe 2009”.
2009Started homepage
2009“Kakocho” received the Kyoto Design Award 2009 and was published in “KATEIGAHO”.
2009“Kakocho” was published in “Kyoto Okurimono Techo”.
2010Published in “Kyo no Bi” Vol. 3.
Participated in the “Kyoto Style Cafe 2010” and exhibited “A Un” in the Tokyo International Gift Show 2010.
2010“A Un” received the Kyoto Design Award 2010.
2011Participated in the “La Filosofia dell’Acqua”.
2012“Zen” series received the Kyoto Design Award 2012.